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Hi, Classmates,

Most of us were aware of the fire that consumed College Hall a 100 years ago. But did we really appreciate the history of that fire? Reading the winter Wellesley Magazine provides an understanding of the impact it had on the College. In those articles, the fire is credited with changing the course of Wellesley. Out of it emerged the campus we all know and love and, according to Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz '63, a "vision of women's higher education for the 20th century."

Today, we can be proud that Wellesley is evolving into an institution for the 21st Century. Among the evidence: a new Neuroscience Department, on-line courses at Wellesley in concert with other institutions, and rennovation of many college buildings (some of which predate the College Hall fire). I suspect at our next reunion (June 2016), we may learn of additional 21st Century delights.

Speaking of reunion, we have several mini reunions planned. It is such fun to visit with classmates "in between reunions." Do try to attend any and all of these events that take place near where you happen to be at the time.

Here's the schedule so far:

Denver, CO  A coffee on Wednesday, May 21 10:30 – 12:00                                       Hosted at Suzanne Lowell's home.

 Casco, Maine  Luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 4 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The Cottage, 216 Lakewood Rd.
Hosted by Carolyn Montgomery

Exeter, New Hampshire Luncheon on Wednesday, Oct. 1 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  Riverwoods, Retirement Community
  Hosted by Ann Colby Zachos and Pam Denny Blackford

Olwen Beach Busch on the east coast of Florida and Margaret (Polly) Shaw Dean in Washington, DC are also planning minis. Stay tuned.

Our Treasurer Joan Ward Lasley reminds us that there are a few classmates who still haven't become Life Members of the Class. It entails a one time payment of $40. Joan has challenged us to have 100% of the class as Life Members by our upcoming reunion. Let's meet her challenge.

Also let's help Ellie Roos Faber, who recently agreed to fill out our late Secretary's term, by sending her lots of news of ourselves and our classmates. Ellie is truly looking forward to hearing from you.

Toni Holland Liebman, our talented web manager, also wants your news & photos for the website. Their email addresses are at the left., just a click away!

Miriam (Mimi) Gorn Tausner, Connections '56 Administrator, has reactivated Connections '56. Check it out and add your thoughts or just send new ones.

All the best for spring,